Saturday, February 14, 2009


The Grand Ole Opry was everything we hoped it would be and we had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We started out shopping for shoes, (of course I forgot the ones I needed for tonight). Then we went to a couple of museums and ended up having lunch at a little family diner called Rudi's. The name stems from RU for Russ, DI for Diane and the S is for their son James, (slave labor, I know the S has nothing to do with his name). We were the only customers for most of the time we were there and Diane took their stage with a gentleman whose name is Leon Rhodes. He actually played at the Grand Ole Opry tonight with the Whites. Speaking of the Whites (two sisters), I would bet my favorite anything that they were sitting a the table next to us last night at Shoney's. I didn't know who they were then and I nearly fainted when they took the stage.

We saw: Darryl Worley, he is so tall, 6ft 5 inches, wow! Kathey Mattea was wonderful, but Ray Stevens took the cake. He was so funny and so was Mike Snider. We laughed the whole time. Kathy Mattea sang "Where Have You Been" and brought the house to tears. It was so beautiful!

Tomorrow I will post some photos and tell more about the show. I thought I could do it all tonight, but I find I am way too tired. I just wanted to say how much fun we had and wish you all could have been there!


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ACcountryFan said...

Hello! Did you get any pictures of Ray Stevens? He appeared last night but wasn't on the TV portion of the Opry. Several of us at his message board would love to see visuals of his appearance.