Thursday, February 18, 2010

We're Home!

Herm forced me to get on the plane; darn it! I did NOT want to come home. We had the best time in Cancun. I love it there. We stayed at the Blue Bay Club Cancun. The resort is as far from the hotel zone as you can get. That means it was low key, peaceful, and perfect. I never knew I would like just laying on the beach so much. They have thatched roof umbrella shaped roofs that were perfect for me. I can't take the sun.

We liked it so well, we joined their vacation club. As members (actually the membership is with Premier by Original) we received VIP treatment and it was wonderful. I got so spoiled having someone bring me unlimited virgin pina coladas! I know, I know, I am a wuss! I don't drink, but they taste just as good without the booze. But, the bartenders kept repeating "no booze?" in stunned voices.

My right knee started acting up at the Cancun airport. We were in such long lines for immigration and customs. By the time we got to the hotel I was getting very cranky. They warn you about the time share people at the airport and Herm got pulled in for at least 45 minutes. I wasn't happy about standing around and there were no chairs or benches. But that was the only real bad experience I had.

On Saturday we went to Isla Mujeres; a lovely, small island near Cancun. You rent a golf cart there to see the whole island. They have the most beautiful colors on their homes. They were getting ready for Carnivale and there were floats loaded with dances everywhere. We had a great day.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week they have dinner theater performances. They were fun takes on Disney themes. Monday was Pirates of the Caribbean, Wednesday The Lion King and Friday was The Little Mermaid. On Saturday they had a special Tribute to Micheal Jackson show. We really enjoyed the shows.

The food was wonderful! I tried new things and found I liked them. For instance: jicama (not sure if I spelled it right). A Mexican food vegetable that's taste and texture seemed to be a cross between a water chestnut and a raw potato. Tasty!

Blue Bay Club is not a new, elaborate hotel. But the staff more than makes up for that. The service was super and we will be going back next year. Okay, now to post a few photos and I will stop boring you.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Dear Husband's 60th Birthday Party

What a fun evening we have had! All of my husband's brothers and sisters (along with their spouses) and all of our children and grandchildren gathered at a local restaurant tonight to celebrate his 60th birthday. He is the oldest of 10 children, so his reaching 60 is a milestone.

Our favorite local party place is the Dorf Haus. A German restaurant in the tiny village of Roxbury. The owners and their staff are wonderful and helped to make things special. Herm's brother, Paul (the baby of the family), got everyone there. Paul's wife, Tina, made adorable little favors of tiny wine bottles filled with M&Ms. Tina also ordered a cake from a friend of hers. It was so neat, a singing fish with gummy worm baits in Oreo "dirt".

I ordered the entertainment. If you live within 200 miles of Madison, Wisconsin and need a singing telegram I have just the person. Her name is Catherine and she is know as the Banana Lady. She came as Nurse Nancy to make sure Herm was fit to celebrate such a big birthday. Hilarious! She even made balloon animals for the grandchildren. Herm and our son, Mike, had balloon birthday hats, too. Catherine has a number of characters that she does and she incorporates information about the person into her performance. And, of course, she gets the birthday person very involved in it as well. I will attempt to post photos here.

Monday morning we leave for Cancun; weather permitting. So, I will be out of touch for over a week. I'm a little afraid of internet withdrawal but, all in all, it should be a good thing. Nothing to do for a whole week but read and talk to Herm.