Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank you!

Thanks for the kind comments and words of encouragement. Sunny, I have nothing BUT time. The question is why don't I get MORE done? Because I am lazy, that's why. I could be sewing a lot more, but I don't. It is time to get going though. My intentions are to make quilts for each of my children and their spouses in time for their anniversaries this year. I would also like to make a couple of other quilts for my sisters and my mom. We'll see how it goes. A couple of them will be lap quilts so should go together fairly quickly.

As usual I saw in the New Year all alone. Sigh! My husband and mother don't make it past 9 or 10 pm.

DH took me to a movie this weekend. We have so much fun when we go out! Went to see Avatar 3D. Um, I think I prefer 2D. It is cool to see the 3D but it doesn't have the intensity of color and sharpness of the 2D. I didn't think it was worth the extra money. I had the same problems with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. The fuzziness of the 3D gives me a horrible headache. That said, I LOVED Avatar! The imagination of the piece was the best I have seen since Star Wars. More about Pandora please!

I did something toward cleaning out some of my "stuff" today. I searched the house for all the books on CD I have scattered all over. There are many sets missing discs, usually because I listened to them in the car and then in the house. Some are missing the jackets. So, I matched up all the sets I could and I am taking those to the second hand book store to get some credit to buy more books. My goodness! I had no idea there were so many! I love the books on CD for driving down to Chicago; especially when I am all by myself. Mom likes it, too, and it give us something to talk about when we are going somewhere. I even listen to them while I am sewing and stamping. I get more done when I have something to listen to. Time flies!

I have to admit that the craft room got a little messy over the holidays, but I am getting ready to go up there and put things away. Believe it or not, I was sewing right up to Christmas Eve. But I did get everything done and I am proud of myself.

The Miller Christmas Party was wonderful again this year. We have such wonderful traditions that make me happy I belong to this family. Santa comes every year for the little ones. My youngest granddaughter sat on his lap the whole time he was there! Thanks to Bob Gaumont for taking on Santa duty this year. Then we have a white elephant exchange. That is one of my favorite things we do. This year I got a gift box for my exchange. That's all. A gift box. My darling youngest son said, "Take our box, Mom. It is a really good one. It's the one with the curly red bow!". He got me!

Our family also does a charitable donation each year. Anyone who wants can write down the name of a charity and put it in the "hat". We also write down the amount we are willing to contribute. The best part is that this year my charity was drawn. I am proud to say that this year the Miller family donated $1040 to the St. Joseph's Indian School in Chamberlain, SD. DH and I have been donating to them ever since his father passed away. Dad was a supporter for a long time before that. I am proud to belong to this family.

Okay, goodnight! I have bored everyone enough now.