Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moving Along

I am almost finished with the next quilt top! I want to post a photo of the next quilt, but I am waiting until I have added the borders. I hope my middle granddaughter likes it. She declared herself a tomboy and the quilt has a blue and yellow floral fabric as the main fabric and inspiration. Blue and yellow are one of my favorite color combinations. Cool, sunny, serene...all at the same time. There is also quite a bit of white.

Life continues to improve on a steady basis. Mom is feeling better and stronger now. Her strength is still weak on the left wrist but the elbow is flexing good as new.

The children and their families are well. We are about to celebrate my middle granddaughter's 7th birthday. They are growing up so fast!

Our holidays are shaping up to be fairly quiet this year. And for the first time, I am okay with that. I think I am finally over the empty nest youngest is only almost 30. Took long enough.

Okay, until I have the new quilt ready for photos I am signing off.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

I DID it!

Here of photos of the quilt top. I finished it tonight! I am so happy I'm dancing on air. Can you tell things are going well? No more chatter, I just wanted to say hi and get these photos up because for once in my life I am actually finishing a project.