Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Project

On to a new project! I am actually sewing a quilt for one of the granddaughters. I wasn't sure about all this when I started, but I am having fun! How can is it possible that I can cut crooked strips when using a grid ruler and rotary cutter. Even my best strips seem to be off. But, when I sewed them together I actually got a cohesive looking result. Photos will be posted.

Everything is going well here. My mom got her cast off yesterday and is a little disappointed that it still hurts when she moves her wrist. I keep telling her that it takes a long time to recover from injuries as serious as hers, but she's impatient. We found out they didn't perform surgery on her wrist because of all the skin missing on her hand. It would have increased her risk for a serious infection. As it is, even after 7 weeks there is still a large scab on her hand it isn't ready to come off yet.

Going to spend time with my older granddaughters this weekend. Their parents are going to a wedding so we get to spend a whole day together. Can't wait!

Okay, photos and then I am off.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Creating Again!

So, I have been making cards again. Not great cards, but making them anyway. Attached are a couple of photos. For everyone's information, all supplies are Stampin Up!

Things continue to get better and better. Mom is feeling better, I am feeling wonderful! My car has been under the weather but has now been fixed; so I am all set to babysit in Chicago this weekend. Woohoo!

I am going to post my cards here and then I am done for tonight.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am done with all the sewing for the craft room!!!! I can hardly believe it. The valances, the sewing machine cover, the cushion and pillow covers. The pillow cover is made using Stampin Up ribbon and buttons. Who knew SU supplies were so versatile?It was an interesting journey, but a fun one! So, until I get a quilt made there will no more photos of the craft room. My next sewing project is a quilt for my oldest granddaughter. Wish me luck as I am horrible at cutting straight strips. LOL

Okay, I think that is enough for now!