Friday, February 13, 2009

We Made It!

Whew, what a long day of driving we had. We left home at 6:30 this morning and arrived in Nashville about 5:30 this afternoon. Had a little trouble finding the hotel, but hey, we're here! We went to Shoney's for supper and I ate too much. I really try not to do that, but they had fish and hush puppies! Needless to say, I am suffering a little tonight. Can't sleep yet cause my tummy's upset.

I was horrified by all the damage from the recent ice storm in Kentucky and Tennesee. There were tree branches down everywhere you looked along the highway. Some of the cedars, (I think), were bent over in an obvious reaction to an ice overload. It was really sad! On another note, we also saw a ton of dead coyotes. Weird! At home roadkill is mostly deer or racoons. Here we saw coyotes and lots of little dead animals that I couldn't always identify, except for the occasional skunk!

Our hotel room is average. The pillows are hard and flat; I brought my own, but I still can't get comfy. I am really spoiled by my Craftmatic adjustable bed at home. It sounds silly, but they really are great. The mattresses are perfect and you can have the head of the bed up just right. DH likes his feet up but it just looks uncomfortable to me. LOL.

We are going to try to find something to do during the day tomorrow. Maybe a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame or something similar. DH loves to explore new places. Our hotel is on the edge of Nashville and the Ryman theater is downtown so we have about a 15 minute drive tomorrow evening to get to our show. I'll post again tomorrow night to dish on the show and maybe even add a few photos!

Gonna try to sleep now.


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