Monday, February 23, 2009


I realized tonight that I take the ability to speak for granted. Today I had this little polyp thingy removed from my tongue. No big deal really. But now, I am having a little trouble talking because it hurts. So, how do you talk without using your tongue? I can't and I keep biting it. So, I try to keep my teeth clenched to keep from biting it, but then I sound weird; kind of a lisping sound and that makes me laugh...which makes my tongue hurt! LOL!

Tonight I did an amazing thing...for me anyway. I cooked a second homemade meal in just three days! DH doesn't know what to say; he isn't used to it that's for sure. I made macaroni and cheese from scratch. It was good, too. And, there are leftovers so I don't have to cook tomorrow, tee hee.

Talked to DD tonight and it sounds like my little granddaughter REALLY wants to come for a visit. She keeps talking to her mommy about coming to the farm NOW. And she wants to help Granpa wake up the cows. Too cute! I miss her as much as she misses us, too.

Our hairy babies are finally getting used to us being home again. Little miss Oreo has stopped her constant complaining. I will post a photo of her probably at the beginning of this post since I still can't figure out how to put them at the end or in the middle. Our other baby is PeeWee; whose name doesn't fit her at all. She was little when we brought her in but now she is a horse. As she gets older, she gets moodier. On a positive note though, she had a bad eye that the vet was sure was herpes and now it is clear. Sorry, couldn't find a photo of PeeWee tonight but here is Oreo at least.

DH's favorite show is on tonight. He loves The Medium with Patricia Arquette. I am so glad they brought it back as he really missed it. Okay, now I am just rambling so I know it is time to go. God bless all!


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