Friday, February 27, 2009


Nothing too new going on lately. I got a new haircut, that isn't all that different from my old one. At least I can see out from under my bangs now. The boohoos are still here, maybe not as often though.

Darling youngest granddaughter is still missing grandpa and grandma...a lot! I get emails from DD every day with little love messages from Ashley. I hope they get to come for a visit soon. It has been a whole week since I have seen the little ones but it feels like a month!

Just caught darling Oreo using the ottoman for a scratching post! BAD KITTY! She used to not do things like that. So far I don't see any damage...yet!

I may post again later today if I think of something worth saying. Otherwise, I mostly just wanted to say that I am still here; hanging in and trying to move on.

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