Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What does it take?

What does it take to get rid of this crazy virus? It has been two weeks and my head is still giving me problems. I finally went to the doctor today to make sure my "weird" feeling in my head was just the virus. Of course, it is...what else? So, back on the decongestants, etc. The doc was really nice and said it was a good thing I am not flying out at least. LOL! I have flown with head colds before, not pleasant!

I think the "weepies" are a part of the medication change and have already improved somewhat. I still tear up, but at least I'm not sobbing over every little thing now. The virus has certainly not helped things move along any quicker. But we leave for Nashville in just three days!

It is really neat to see DH get so excited about this trip. He needs a little excitement! We keep checking out our seat location and marveling that we got such good ones! If I read the site correctly for the Opry, I can take pictures! Most concerts, etc won't even let you bring your camera into the venue. I once received tickets to a John Denver concert as a gift and they nearly took my camera away because it looked like a "professional's" to them. It was a nice camera, but I only wanted a couple of shots for myself and I wasn't going to use the flash or anything. I talked them out of it but, what a mess!

With the depression, I haven't been taking photos with my usual frequency. I haven't even pulled it out the last couple of times the grandbabies have been here. Now, that really is strange! My camera is usually attached in an almost permanent way when they visit. I now can't wait to start snapping again!

Tomorrow, I HAVE to get serious about packing! I did get a list done, because I will forget something if I don't make one. Now, if I just remember to print it out and use it!

Okay, time to stop rambling for tonight! I will post along the way on the trip!


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