Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still in Gulf Shores

We decided to spend another night in Gulf Shores so here I am blogging another day. Today we went to the National Naval Aviation Museum. It was so cool! First we took in an IMAX movie titled "The Magic of Flight". It was mostly about the Blue Angels who are based in Pensacola. You have never "flown" until you ridden with the Blue Angels via IMAX. Wow!!!! After the movie we went on a tour of the "flight line", (where they park all the planes), via a tram. The driver was very knowledgable about all the planes and a pretty good comedian to boot. Being on a naval air station brought back a lot of memories for DH and I! Photos at the top of the post as usual.

This evening we went to visit our Wisconsin neighbors who winter down here. They have a really nice two bedroom unit about 13 miles from here. The two of them were kind enough to take us out to dinner at a cute little Mexican restaurant near their place. I think we might consider trying this out as an option when DH retires.

In the morning we are heading home. We're planning on taking two to two and a half days to travel, no more rushing to get "there". (Besides, who wants to hurry to get home anyway?) I will miss the beach and looking for shells, but I won't miss how tired and sore I am from walking in the sand. I know, I know...it is such good exercise! But when you haven't exercised in a while, wow, you really feel it!

The photos are all from the museum. One of the photos is the actual plane former President George W. Bush was in when he landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln. This museum has it all! The RVAW 120 patch is from the squadron DH and I were both part of when me met; so romantic to see it again after all this time.

Hopefully we will stay somewhere tomorrow night so I can post and let you know how our day went.


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