Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Weird title, hunh? Let me explain...I hate salmon, or so I thought. Sunday we were invited to DS #2's home for dinner with DIL's parents. My son is an amazing cook, but I wasn't very excited when I heard that our entree was salmon. But, you know what, I tried it and it was pretty good!! So now I know that I can eat salmon and it isn't too bad!! :)

While we were visiting we played Wii and it was fun! I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. We really enjoy DIL's parents and, of course, spending time with DS and DIL.

Last night, I went through a couple of large baskets of craft "stuff" that have been stored in a closet for years. I felt pretty good as I got it weeded down by over half. When spring comes I am going to have one heck of a craft "stuff" yard sale. My husband's brother lives in town on a great corner and has agreed to let me have my sale there. I used his yard once before and it was amazing. Now I just have to finish going through two closets and my "crap" room before spring gets here fully.

My therapist and I worked tonight on my feelings about my "stuff". I kind of had a break through and I realized that all that "stuff" weighs me down and keeps me from doing the things I want and love to do. Now I just have to take this revelation and run with it. I CAN do this, I know I can! I am going to take before and after photos and maybe, just maybe, I will post them. But I have to get it done first! LOL


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