Monday, February 16, 2009

I am SO rude!

I didn't even mention that yesterday was DH's birthday. Shame on me! I felt kind of bad that we really didn't celebrate much. His gift was the tickets to the Grand Ole Opry and he loved that so I guess it is okay. Yesterday we walked the beach and looked for sea shells...FUN! Most of the ones here are pretty ordinary and the cool ones are almost always broken, but we did find a couple of goodies; two sand dollars and a little horn shaped shell and none of them broken!

I wanted to get up early in the morning and search for more shells before the crowd is out, but I am having really bad indigestion for the third night in a row and I can't sleep.

We were originally scheduled to go on to Panama City tomorrow and stay two nights, but DH wasn't sure why we had to stay that long. So, I decided we'd just not go at all since we have the beach here and have spent a fair amount of time walking on it. Tomorrow we are going to Pensacola Naval Air Station. They have a Navy Aviation Museum that we can't wait to see. We actually went today but got there about a half-hour before they closed. I am not sure whether we will stay another night here in Gulf Shores or start for home early. It really is up to DH I guess.

This place is amazing! There are HUGE hotels all along the beach, interspersed with these really beautiful beach houses. The houses look like candy, all done up in gorgeous pastels and even some gingerbread trim. So far my shots of the them haven't turned out that well, but I wish you all could see them.

I haven't taken photos in so long that I think my skills are very rusty; that and I am having trouble getting used to the newer camera. I did get an incredible photo of DH on the beach but I don't know how I did it. I will post it tonight. Of course, for some reason, my photos end up at the beginning of the post, so you will already have seen it! LOL!

I'll let you know tomorrow what we end up deciding!


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