Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wonderful Wedding!

DS's wedding was perfect! The weather cooperated, everyone arrived pretty much on time, and there was so much love and happiness the church nearly exploded. Throughout the ceremony my son looked at his bride with so much love I nearly cried and she just beamed back at him. The minister did a lovely job; the only bobble was when he forgot to get the microphone and had to have my new DIL repeat her "I do!". That really was a blessing in disguise as everyone laughed, including DIL, and things were just so relaxed after that. The church was on the warm side and by the end of the ceremony I was so parched. But, my son's new MIL had thought of everything and provided coolers of cool water and apple cider.

And talk about a party afterward!!!!! Wowza! I don't think I have ever seen so many people have such a great time. A few even had too good a time, but we won't mention names. I know I haven't danced that much in a long time (nor felt so old the next day either). It was wonderful to see my DS's friends after so long. They all looked so nice in their tuxes and suits. Words to do the reception justice are just escaping me.

This afternoon three of us me, hubby and my mom, went over to my son's in-law's and helped them open their gifts. It was so good to see how much they love my son! We love their daughter just as much and feel that we have added her family to ours.

I am feeling very blessed today. All three of my children are married, happy, and living useful lives. I don't think a parent can ask for more. God bless you all.


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Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING was perfect - words can't describe how amazing the entire day was. We're still just giggling to each other every few minutes, remembering different moments throughout the ceremony and reception. It was breathtaking, and we're grateful to have such amazing family and friends to share everything with.

We'll have more pictures posted on the site soon - should have some great ones when we get back from Aruba!