Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doing it for Myself

I have decided that I am doing this blog just for myself. No one has left me any comments so...I am doing it for my own need for expression.

Let's see, what has been going on since my last post? Not as much as I'd like, but more than I expected. I have not done anything toward starting my quilts yet. I need a new machine, but DH says I must wait until Christmas for that. Rats! But I guess I could start on the applique if Mom doesn't mind sharing her machine.

In the meantime, I have been working on my clothes; you know, like sorting, weeding out things I'll never wear again, etc. I have gained a few pounds and ended up taking a few things out of the box from a couple of months ago. Buying clothes is so frustrating. My upper chest and lower body are smaller than my middle section. If I buy the correct size for shoulder and bust area, the middle is too tight. If I buy jeans to fit my waist area, you notice I said area because I don't really have a waist, they are too big in the leg and butt areas. I ordered a dress for my son's wedding. It fit beautifully in the middle area, not too tight or anything. But the bust, OMG, it fell off me and left my whole chest exposed. Not a pretty sight. So, I returned the dress...too late for a refund; store credit only. When I went to the web site to reorder something, I decided to get some tops. The tops all had nicely fitted bust areas and looked really flowy on the models. They came today. The tops fitted me perfectly in the bust and shoulders but the flowy area wasn't as loose as it looked. I look like a sexy pregnant lady in them. The girls look great, but the bulges are horrible, I look 8 months pregnant in them. I could deal with that, maybe, if I were in my 30's or early 40's, but I am 56! Aaaaaaargh! Now what do I do? I guess I could return them for another store credit, but I don't think anything from that store will fit me.

DH and I are starting to think about our winter vacation. We are thinking Hawaii maybe. It all depends on whether or not we have enough credits in the vacation club we belong to. In 2005 we took a week-long cruise to Montego Bay Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, and Cozumel Mexico. The next year we went to Hawaii and vacationed on Oahu. In 2007, we went back to Hawaii and stayed at the same resort, (can you tell we loved it the first time?). Then in February of this year we took another week long cruise that revisited a couple of places we had been before, (Cozumel and Nassau), but we also got to go to Belize. Belize was our favorite port of call. We went to an eco-park and had such a nice time. So, now we just have to figure out where we want to go this year. Any suggestions? Please leave me a comment by clicking on the comments link below this post.

Mom and I are going to take some things in to the consignment shop in Madison this afternoon. I would rather have the money and room in my closet than to try and keep them hoping they will fit again some day.


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