Thursday, September 11, 2008

Consignment Shops

JenJen, thank you so much for checking out my blog. As you probably can tell, I am fairly new to the blogging world. At least when it comes to being the blogger instead of the reader. If you are ever in the Madison area, let me know. Maybe we can meet for coffee or lunch or something. Just to let you know how many problems I have with memory, on Tuesday I saw a friend at our local polling place. I called her by name when I first saw her and ten minutes later I couldn't remember it at all. Did I ever feel stupid. It did come back to me, but is was very embarrassing.

I wrote on Tuesday that my mother and I were going to take some things to a consignment shop. I never knew that it was such a hard (read impossible) thing to do. Fortunately, I started calling shops before we went all the way to Madison. One shop only takes formal wear, another isn't accepting new consignees, a third one deals only with hip, trendy clothing and the last one wanted only designer clothing. We didn't meet any of the criteria for any of the shops, LOL! So, we took them to St. Vincent de Paul and called it a day. I was SO disappointed. Oh, well! At least St. Vinnie's never turns me down.

Today I went to Madison and re-ordered my drapes for the guest room. I ended up ordering a blue called Delft. It is a light blue, but not pale by any means. Not what I really wanted but better than the "Lagoon". JC Penney's is having a sale, (no, really, a sale?) on baby and toddler things. I saw such cute things and I ended up buying some things for my two youngest GB's (grand babies of course). There were so many mix and match tops and pants for them at only 4.99 each. Any grandma knows you have to buy when the price is that good, right?

I set my alarm last night for 7 am. Didn't get up til 7:45, but that is way better than my usual 9-9:30 time. Hey, baby steps are better than no steps. My goal is to eventually get up at 7 am and be in bed no later than 11 pm. Oops! It is already 11:26. I had better get going.


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