Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anyone out there?

So, I have told you a little about myself. How about a few comments from y'all? Tonight, I think I'll ramble about my DH. We met while we were both in the Navy. I don't know why, but it always surprises people that I was in the service. Anyway, I was just out of personnelman school and I had been assigned to Naval Air Station Norfolk, Virginia. My job in the personnel office, or one of them anyway, was to account for all the enlisted people in our squadron. One Monday morning I was notified that we had a new person check into the office over the weekend. I had to find this Miller before I could file my report for the commanding officer. It took my about an hour to track him down and tell him he had to report to the personnel office to complete check-in. He was so cocky when he showed up. I told him he was the hardest person in the world to find. To this day he claims I shook my finger in his face, but I DID NOT!

From that on, I think I knew somehow that this was my guy! I won't say it was love at first sight, but I wrote my mother a letter shortly after that day and told her about this cute guy I met with the wavy brown hair, twinkly blue eyes and a curly reddish/brown beard. It has now been 36 years and we are still here.

We have three children; a son who will be 35 in December, a daughter who will 32 in November and a son who was 28 in February. I feel so blessed in my family. All three children grew up happy, healthy and, best of all, self-supporting. Now they are having fun with those beautiful grandchildren of ours.

Hey, how about some quilting advice or commiseration or anything at all. Leave me some love folks if you aren't too bored by my rambling.

Toodles, all.

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