Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

My youngest sister lives in Seabrook Texas, just south of Houston. They evacuated yesterday and went northwest. I am so thankful as their home is probably flooded by now. I cannot believe the people who are so stubborn about going to safety. My mom and I have been watching the Houston local news all day and it is incredible how high the water got without it even raining. I will be praying for all the people who wouldn't or couldn't get out.

My DH has spent the whole afternoon and evening on the roof of our house, installing his solar panel. He is so excited about finally getting this project finished. If it goes as planned our kitchen and livingroom will be warmer this winter.

DD will be here tomorrow with her two little ones. I love it when they come to visit but it is nice when they go home, too. Their bid wasn't accepted on the first house they bid on. So, now they have to start over. They have been looking at houses all week and have found a couple that wouldn't be too bad. I am putting them on my prayer list, too.

I helped mom make an apple pie this morning. Even got out my apple peeling machine. It still doesn't work!!!! You peel more apple than peeling, sheesh! The pie turned out really good though and I can even eat it because we used Splenda instead of sugar. Woohoo! I love apple pie but I hardly ever eat it because of all the sugar. (I am diabetic.) We got the apples at a nearby orchard and they were pretty good. A little on the mealy side but they baked up okay.

Haven't really done much else today except make a run to the hardware store for DH. Guess I will go find something to do.


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