Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Wow, what a difference a few hours can make. This morning my DD and GB's (grandbabies) left for Chicago to spend some time with my SIL. He has a couple of days off and DD needs to go to her pharmacy. I find it strange now to not hear the children in the house. They have only been here a week but they are an integral part of our lives already.

DS the younger has suggested that I am experiencing some seasonal depression. I have suspected that to be part of my problem, but it feels worse than usual. Retirement may be a larger component than I would like to admit. I have decided to make an appointment and look into the situation. I would very much like to get some energy back as I am currently accomplishing very little.

I did spend some time outside this morning. About 11:30 this morning I went out to check the mail; of course it wasn't there yet. So, I sat in the sunshine and waited for a while to see if the mail carrier would come. She did, but she was going the wrong way. When she stopped here later on she explained that the brakes went out on her car and she had to turn around at the beginning of the route and find another vehicle.

Is anyone else having trouble deciding who to vote for next week? I think my mind is made up one time and then I hear more information that makes me question my decision. There are so many things wrong with each of the candidates that this will be a decision based on who I think will do the least harm in office. I hate to think about casting a vote this way. I much prefer voting with confidence in my candidate. Not good. Any other opinions out there? And then, it has gotten to where I hate to answer the phone. The political calls have come as early as 7:30 in the morning and as late as 10:00 at night. Aaaargh!

Friday I am heading down to DS the elder's home to help with Halloween. DD and DS are going to take the children out together while I stay at his house and hand out treats. Now, should I take a costume along? I have a couple of choices in my closet, depending on whether I can find them or not. Somewhere I have my old Mother Hubbard outfit, a witch' dress, a pioneer widow outfit and a tavern wench outfit. If there are any opinions, get them to me before Friday. I can use any help I can get.

We finally had a nice day here. The temp never reached 50 but the sun shone all day long. So nice! That's all for now!


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