Thursday, October 23, 2008 last!

Yea, I am home again. I love spending time at my DS and DIL's home, but it is nice to get back home again, too. Wonder how many days it will take me to recover from caring for the little ones? If it hadn't been for my DIL I would never have made it through. She spelled me when I was feeling over my head and I love her for that, (I love her anyway, she is a very special woman, but agreeing to let the little ones and I stay for several days is above and beyond!) My DD is homeless now for about 3 weeks. Their old house will be someone else's as of tomorrow afternoon. Then they can focus on their plans for the new home. So, for now, DD and the little ones are here with us.

My cats, Oreo and PeeWee, are crabby with each other tonight. There is major growling going on. It happens occasionally but I hate it when it does. I had hoped when we got Oreo that she and PeeWee would be buddies. PeeWee and our previous other cat, Peanut, got along great. Peanut was my "baby" in a very real sense. I found him as a newborn preemie under some plastic on our garage floor. There were three kittens in the litter that was born to a first-time, very young cat. The other two kittens had died and it was assumed that the last one had also. When I found Peanut and took him in the house my husband told me to take him outside and let nature take its course; the kitten would die and I would be depressed about it. I couldn't do it; I couldn't just let him die without at least trying to help him. It took two weeks or more of every two hour feedings, warm damp cotton ball cleanings and lots of TLC, but he did survive! It was a miracle in my eyes and the vet felt the same way. Peanut lived for eight wonderful years. He was happy and reasonably healthy almost the whole time. During his last year, he began having breathing problems. The vet took an xray and was amazed; Peanut had survived his whole life on only one half of a lung. Apparently his lungs never fully developed due to his prematurity. But until the last 6 months or so of his life, you would never have known it. When I said he was my baby I meant it. The only mother he had ever known was me. He even developed a habit of sucking on my thumb. My children thought it was really gross and more than a little bit weird. I asked the vet about it and she said that some cats would do that if they were bottle fed as kittens. It had something to do with not getting the mouth to skin contact they would have had if nursing on their mothers. My kids really hated it when I called Peanut my "hairy" son. LOL. He was a character and I loved him very much. When we had to have him put down just three days after my DD's wedding, I wanted to find another kitten who needed me as soon as possible. On Saturday that week I went to a cat rescue facility and Oreo and I found each other. That was over five years ago. I have never regretted finding another cat so soon after losing one.

Wow, if anyone actually reads this blog they will know way more than they want to about my idiosyncracies. (I don't know if I spelled that word right, but I love using it! LOL) I think I have shared enough for tonight.

TTFN (Ta ta for now, British I think)

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