Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am writing this post at 2:39 am. I have just finished full day number one of a 2-3 day stretch of taking care of my two youngest grandchildren. God is reminding me of His wisdom in giving me my own children at a young age. I am EXHAUSTED!! So, you might ask, "Why aren't you asleep at this time of the night?". I don't know. Here I am, wide awake and asking the same thing. I know I am tired, but...here I sit. Hmm, just heard a noise that I can't explain. Sounded a little like a growl but it can't be as I am at DS #1's house and they have no animals. Okay, I'm just going to forget it as it hasn't happened again.

Thank goodness I am doing this at DS's. Their two girl's are such a help with the little ones, at least when they aren't in school. And my wonderful DIL takes over for a while when I am feeling over my head. DD and SIL are moving out of the house they sold and should be finished in a day or two. DD and the children will be coming to spend some time with us until they can move into house #2; hopefully in mid-November.

Oops! I think I fell asleep for a second there. My mind just went completely blank. Now that I am awake again, I forgot what else I wanted to say. LOL, (well quietly out loud anyway).

I find myself missing Mom's dear little doggie, even here at DS's house. When the kids drop food on the floor, I find myself thinking about her being our floor cleaner when the kids would drop it at my house. She was always on duty to make sure nothing stayed on the floor longer than a few seconds. I bet my mom is having a hard time still. My cat, Oreo will be doing all she can to help Mom through the tough times. She (Oreo) thinks she needs full-time one-on-one attention and if I'm not there Mom is the chosen one.

I try not to focus on my daily aches and pains, but it is really tough tonight. My knees are killing me! My little grandson is not quite 17 months old, but outweighes his older sister. Carrying him up DS's stairs to put him to bed reminded me why I lost 50 pounds. My body can't handle any more weight. See, more reminders. I guess I chose an appropriate title for this post.

Finally, I bought my new sewing machine! I compromised with DH and got one that isn't quite as expensive as the one I really wanted. I cannot wait to start sewing on the quilts I intend to make. I found a couple of patterns for squares that even I should be able to do. Buying the fabrics should be fun! I want to do bright, pretty colors for my girls and something really fun for our little guy. The one quilt I really liked has only two different blocks of three strips each. The pattern comes in the way you turn the blocks. It is sort of like a super-simplfied version of a log cabin block. Okay, just heard the noise again. I am pretty sure it is a mechanical one, but I can't imagine what.

I guess I will close for now. Thanks for stopping by!


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