Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Can it really almost be the end of January 2009? Time flies by these days! In just a week or so my youngest son will be 29 years old; I can hardly believe it. Of course, my oldest son is now 35 and my daughter is 32. Can I be old enough to have children that old? I guess so, since it is true.

My recovery is going really well. I will stopping individual therapy soon and joining the group. They haven't set it up all the way yet, but I am ready when they are! I had a revalation the other day; after this major depressive episode I really need to re-define myself as a person. After a lot of thought, I am trying to accept myself for the person I am, not for who I "think" I should be. In the past, I have always wanted that from others, but never did it for myself. Hmmm. DH has been extra supportive lately and I love him even more for that. He has made suggestions but not issued orders and that makes my life so much easier.

DH and leave on 2/13 for our vacation. We are both getting excited! Our first stop will be Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry. I found out some of the performers we will see are Darrell Worley and Kathy Mattea! I love Kathy Mattea. Her music is so down to earth and warm. There are also some performers we are not familiar with. It should be so wonderful!

DH gave me a cold! I knew I should have slept in the guest room while he was so sick. So far I just have a drippy nose and a scratchy throat. Maybe that will be all I get? I hope so and, if not, that I get over it quickly. DD called today and she and the two little ones are sick, too. Little granddaughter has a fever and when she got on the phone I could hear her faster breathing. Poor baby! Little grandson has it too, but he is mostly crabby. He did manage to say "lub oo gamma" though and melt my heart.

I spent some time on the Splitcoast Stampers website tonight. That is such a fascinating site. I could actually spend hours there and I learn so much! I am always open for new ideas when it comes to scrapping, stamping, and new ways to organize my space. (If only I actually USED the ideas! LOL)

Well, I need some liquid as my throat is really dry and scratchy. So I will say goodnight.


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