Saturday, January 17, 2009

What is the date?

You know, it has gotten to where I remember the day of the week, today is Saturday, but I cannot remember the date. Oh, DH says it is the 17th. Wow, time flies!

Well, the medication change has begun. I hope it works out as I am really tired of the involuntary movements. The complete changeover will take about three weeks, so...we'll see!

Spent a couple of days at DD's home. That was fun! The little ones sure do wear me out though! Ashley wanted to "run, Grandma!" so we ran, around the dining room table, about 6 times. And then Grandma was pooped! So, I watched she and her little brother run around and around. Whew! Made me even more tired just watching!

My mom has gone back down to my little sister's for a few months this time. The house will seem empty without her. But DH and I are enjoying our alone time. This is his weekend off and we spent part of the afternoon and evening having a movie date. We had it here at home, but that's okay. He offered to take me out, but it has been snowing off and on all day and it's cold so I suggested watching a few of the movies we have that haven't been watched yet. We watched Wall-E and Eregon. I loved them both and so did he. We even had popcorn! Then DH grilled a steak for supper, (he really is being a sweetie lately). Now we are sitting here stuffed but happy and watching Independence Day.

I am still working on my side of the bedroom; a little at a time and the same for the craft room. I WILL get done eventually, I have committed to it this time.

Well, gonna go for now! Take care all and God Bless!


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