Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

We have a new president! I am feeling very hopeful that President Obama can accomplish his campaign promises. Good luck, Mr. President!

Things are still going pretty good. I tried to work in the craft room today, but it is just so overwhelming! I know what I want to do, really, I can even see it in my mind. But, accomplishing it is another story. Why am I so unable to do something so simple? My therapist keeps telling me not to beat myself up over this sort of thing, but it's really hard not to. I feel like I must have been born without the cleaning and organization gene.

Last night I drove about 25 miles to my friend Jessica's for stamp club. I almost didn't go because it had been snowing off and on all day. The roads were a tiny bit slick but not the whole way and it was much better coming home. I enjoy stamp club so much. I get to see people who enjoy stamping as much as I do, we make pretty cards and projects, and I get OUT of the house. Tomorrow I will be going out to my appointment with the therapist. I look forward to that, also. She helps me sort through my thoughts.

DD and the two little ones will be here tomorrow. I told DH to get ready! The little ones will run his socks off. Eek! That means I have to babysit on Thursday while DD gets her hair done. I hope I am ready!

Okay, I admit it, I am addicted to reality TV. My favorites are John and Kate Plus Eight, Big People Little World, and the Duggars on TLC. On Style Network I love Clean House (go figure). I think I enjoy seeing that other people are clutters too.

That's enough for tonight.


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