Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in action

So, the cruise is over and I am back home. Still dealing with the depression, but I am determined to get on top of it. My goal for right now is to take my medication on time every day. If I can do that I think I will have it made. Enough of that!

We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving with DS the younger and DIL. It was so nice and everything was ready on time! LOL, if you knew me you would know what an accomplishment that was. It really helped that DH deep fried the turkey and I made instant mashed potatoes. We did have the traditional green bean casserole and candied sweet potatoes.

I am nearly done with my holiday shopping. This year I am doing things the easy way. I ordered some gifts online that will come already gift wrapped. Anything I can do to save time and headache is so worth it! This year is all about simplicity.
I tend to get wrapped up in the "things" and then get overwhelmed. Not this year!


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Anonymous said...

That's the way to do it - during the holiday season people shouldn't put so much emphasis on stuff (see: Walmart tragedy), but instead on quality time with the family. Every year I find that I care more about that meal and time around the living room with loved ones, and the presents are becoming ever the distant afterthought. I'm really coming to appreciate Dad's approach to Christmas - food and family, and if you must get him a gift, make it something comfortable and low-key.

I certainly find the holidays much more fulfilling as an adult than I did as a kid: perspective is everything. You shouldn't get stressed out over shopping on my behalf, as my fondest holiday wish is a nap on your couch, with a bellyful of food.