Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

What a difference a few days can make! I am feeling so good! I have my gifts wrapped, the tree is decorated (did I say that in my last post), and I think I am ready for the family to come. The cleaning ladies came today and the house is as ready as it is going to get for company. The strangest thing happened this morning. I stayed up pretty late wrapping gifts so I didn't get to sleep until the wee hours. When I finally fell asleep I dreamed that my cleaning lady brought two helpers with her and one of them brought a husband with her. Well, this morning CL (for cleaning lady of course) DID bring a second helper with her today. No husband, but still, isn't that strange?

I am watching a show today about clutterers. Since I am one myself, I am watching with great interest. I am not as bad as I used to be. Which translates to...I have my clutter down to three rooms instead of all of them. My therapist thinks the the clutter provides some sort of weird security for me and I guess it does, but I am not sure why. I'm anxiously awaiting discussing this in more detail with her and see where it takes us.

DH cleaned out the garage a couple of weeks ago so I could put my car in there. It is nice but comes with a down side. I forgot to say in the previous paragraph that my car is a cluttered area too. Unfortunately, the mice LOVE my car and the things they find there. I found a huge piled of shredded tissue and fabric in my trunk last night. Ewww! Today I have to go back out there and find what fabric they got to. Sigh!

Well, thanks for listening...again!


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Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that Ashley & I check in periodically- just to see what you're up to how you're feeling. anyway - ashley LOVES seeing your pic on this blog!!

luv you