Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where Am I?

I'm still here, just busier than I was when I started this blog.

I had a couple of invasive tests in the last week and I am sick of them. Don't think they'll find anything, but they couldn't complete the first one so I had to have a different one only 7 days later. I will stop with saying both involved nasty preps and awful procedures. Glad that is over with.

Update on the craftroom! It is nearly finished. Well, all the work is done and I am slowly moving back the things I am going to keep. I made my first project tonight in the revamped room; a card of thanks to my loving DH for all the work he has done to get the room done. It is amazing to have a place for everything and only have the things you will use. I was actually able to leave the room in the same condition as when I went in there. I like it!!!!!!!!

We had a terrific July 4th with our entire family, minus only our DSIL who had to work. The day was perfect, the food was tasty although basic, cookout fare. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, pasta salad, chips, etc. At the end of the day my youngest DS set off the fireworks that he and DD each had brought. Pretty impressive for a private celebration!

At the beginning of the post are a couple of photos from the 5th and of the craft room makeover.


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