Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sleep Needed!

I woke up really early this morning, for me anyway, Went to bed pretty late, for me, too. I feel like I could sleep for 6 more hours...ugh! I got caught up in an odd, but touching movie just before I was ready for bed and ended up watching the whole thing. The movie was set in London and the main two characters were actually childhood buddies that reconnect as adults. The quirk to the story is that one of them has since had a sex change operation and become a woman. In case you want to watch for it, it's called "Different for Girls" and I caught it on either IFC or Sundance channel.

Friday Mom and I leave for Texas to attend my nephew's high school graduation. We won't be gone long, just until Tuesday. Can't wait to see Kent in his cap and gown. He is such a smart young man and a fabulous musician. Pretty handy with a computer, too. The last time I was in Texas they were still struggling after Hurrican Ike. Many more businesses are open now and we will get to go to the Kemah boardwalk!

My DD and her hubby are struggling with an invasion of what we think are carpenter ants. She said it is really starting to "bug" her. I thought was a perfect comment even if she didn't realize it until I started laughing.

Watching Oprah last night was...interesting. Dr. OZ was on and they did a segment on erectile dysfunction. Apparently a gas is released inside the vessels that causes the arteries to open up to allow more blood flow. It sounded a little like nitrous oxide which is laughing gas. So Oprah say, "Laughing Penis?" Cracked everyone up including Dr. Oz. Doesn't look so funny on paper, but the audience had a really hard time quieting down and Oprah nearly fell out of her chair laughing. It was the first time I have ever seen Dr. Oz at a loss for words.

Gotta run, errands you know!

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