Saturday, June 13, 2009

He Rocks!

Okay, I may complain about my DH sometimes, but he really, REALLY rocks! While I was gone for the four days to Texas, he did the most amazing thing. He emptied out my crazy craft room!!! I have totally unable to get started there and he gave me this wonderful gift. Honey, I take back every bad thing I have ever thought about you, really! Love you! Now I have to get the walls ready for painting so we can paint and put in the new flooring. I can't wait to finish it! I will post photos as soon as it is done.

Obviously, I am back from Texas. Graduation was hot, but wonderful. I spent a day helping my DD get ready for the birthday party for her little ones which was earlier today. Mom and I drove down just for the party and even made it home before dark! It was great to have my whole family (my mom, my kids, and my grandkids)in one place! Even my youngest son and my newest daughter-in-law made it! It was so much fun and even some of DD's neighbors came with their children. I am so glad they have nice neighbors! Out of all the families on the block, I think my granddaughter is the only girl. But they all seem to have fun.

I wish I had photos to post from the party, but...I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera after downloading other photos. Talk about feeling like a dummy! At least I was able to use DD's camera and she will share the photos with me later. This is SO me, I forget everything!


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