Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting There

So, I actually finished the purple quilt! The binding was a little harder than I expected and I'm just a little nervous about binding the second one. Procrastinating royally is more like it. I really need to get going so I can finish in time. But, I have until Christmas evening, so....! LOL I am waiting for an order of fleece to come in so I can do a blanket for youngest granddaughter's gift. Of all things she wants a zebra snuggie! It was impossible to find the zebra fleece locally so I had to order online. Sure hope it gets here in time!

Mom had the surgery a week ago to remove the hardware from her elbow. She is doing well and I take her in tomorrow to get the staples out. She is using the arm very well and we hope she'll be able to finally put the accident behind her.

I had the most wonderful chat with DH tonight. He told me that he thought I was "gorgeous" when he met me. If he weren't sick with a cold I would kiss him to pieces. I love that he felt that way as I have always thought of myself as plain.

Okay, enough smarmy stuff. Don't have much else to say except goodnite!


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