Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

The long awaited day has come and is almost over. What a wonderful day we have had! Everyone made it here safely, the food ended up being good, and we all got wonderful gifts.

My girls were thrilled with their quilts and the little ones with their "snuggies". There is a story that goes with the "snuggies". My youngest granddaughter wanted a zebra snuggie so bad, but they don't make them in kids' versions, the zebra ones that is. So grandma thought she would be clever and make her one. Could I find a pattern online that made sense? No. Could I find a pattern in one of the catalogs? No. So, I made a double layer fleece blanket that we have to call a snuggie. At first I couldn't find the zebra fleece in any of the stores. I finally found it online but wasn't sure it would come in time. It did come though and I got the "snuggie" made in time and she loves it! Contained in this post are photos of all the children with their blankets. Little grandson liked his "roads" snuggie. Especially when he found the wide satin ribbon loop I attached on the back for him. The moment I showed it to him he started rubbing it and the other thumb went right in the mouth. So cute!

I got everything I wanted for Christmas. My family home, loving each other and peace reigning in my home, (now that little grandson is in bed, tee hee). I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

As a final note, youngest granddaughter just said "my snuggie doesn't have SLEEVES". So much for little kids not being aware of things.



Sunny Marie Hackman said...

Wow, how do you find the time. Your quilts are beautiful. My youngest daughter is a quilter. This Christmas she made a quilted jacket for her Grandma using a sweat shirt and those little stripper pieces. She had the worst time putting the sleeves in. She called me and I tried to explain how to do it on the phone. She lives out of town. Then I said, "Let's see if there is a youtube video that explains how to put sleeves in." There was! She & I watched it together over the phone. She got the jacket finished. Everyone was home for Christmas and the jacket was beautiful & fit perfect!

P.S. Love you blog, I have trouble being disciplined with mine. Beautiful grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing---what treasure!