Saturday, August 29, 2009

Working On It!

Rats, I just wrote an entire post and hit a wrong button. Poof, it was gone. So here goes again!

I have indeed been working in my craft room. The piecing for the front of the sewing machine cover is done and now I have to put the rest of it together. I have also been making cards for a great-niece and great-nephew's birthday party today. They aren't fancy cards, but I like them anyway. I will post them with this entry. Let me know what you think, okay?

My poor mom. In addition to being broken and battered, she developed a horrible sinus infection and can't hear worth beans. If anyone were to listen in on our converstions, they would think we're angry all the time. Sometimes she and I just look at each other and go "hanh?" for giggles. But I know it is very frustrating for her. On Monday she gets her cast reduced from a full arm length to a wrist/forearm one. I know she is looking forward to that!

All the grands will be here later this morning. They are coming to the birthday party. I love it!!!

Okay, 'nough said for now.


Jessica Taylor said...

Try hitting CTRL + Z when that happens and your post may reappear!

Alice Longaker said...

Bet you had written Pulitzer material...