Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bad News!

I was on my way home from my daughters home on Sunday when I received a call from my husband. My Mom had been badly injured in a fall while they were trying to reach a favorite fishing spot of my husbands. Things got pretty wild as it took the police, emts and fire dept to get her safely up the slope. She is bruised everywhere plus she is in surgery at the moment for repair of her crushed elbow and thumb. Poor Mom, she is trying to keep her spirits up, but absolutely hates being in the hospital.

On a happier note, my visit with DD was wonderful. We spent part of Saturday at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. It was SO beautiful! I also enjoyed spending time with DD's MIL. Everywhere you turned was a new view full of color and harmony. I loved all the beautiful flowers and watching the grandbabies running so fast. Too fast almost. Danny was hard to keep up with. Ashley kept saying, "Take my picture, Grandma!" and of course, I obliged. I couldn't get Danny to stand still long enough to get good individual photos of him.

After the Gardens we went to lunch at another Garden (Olive Garden). Ashley and Danny picked the olives out of their salad and put them on their fingers to wave at us. While I was sitting there, Ashley reached out, grabbed my hand, and put it next to her cheek. "I'm loving you Grandma! Take a picture!" So, I took a left handed/one handed photo with great difficulty. Turned out so cute!

Sure do wish we would hear something about Mom. This waiting is hard.


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